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February 13, 2012
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Chapter One: This Feeling...


The shy Pegasus fluttered to the ground onto the path leading up to her front door, exhausted after another long day living her life in the crazy little hick-town called Ponyville. She smiled as she thought about the place. Sure it was a little hick-town...but it was her little hick-town, and she loved it. As she slowly entered through her front door, any and all of the animals that had been sleeping peacefully in their homes and habitats inside awakened and flocked to her, awaiting their nightly feeding. She giggled lightly at the sight and headed into her kitchen to gather their food.

"Don't worry, everyone. I won't keep you waiting." And that she didn't. Minutes later the birds had been given seed and were perching comfortably in various places around the cottage, the mice had been given their favorite cheese, and a satisfied Angel Bunny happily munched on the only carrot that he had been presented with to be worthy of being consumed by him. She relaxed comfortably on her couch and watched as her little friends munched on their food and accepted Angel into her forehooves and began softly petting him when he had finished. She closed her eyes and relaxed.

She thought of her friends first of all. Her friends, who were always so nice to her and who always cared for her. So understanding of her, even when her timidity frustrated them. Being so timid was the reason they were some of the only ponies she spent any real time with at all.

She spent time with Rainbow Dash because she had known her since her fillyhood and her unfortunate experiences at flight school. Rainbow was always standing up for her and helping her get through her flight classes as best as she could, even though the results weren't always what they has hoped for. Even after Rainbow had dropped out she had kept in touch with Fluttershy, and had even sent her the address of her cloudhome in Ponyville so she could visit anytime. It was shortly after her first visit to the magnificent cloud house that Fluttershy had even decided to move to the cottage near the forest. She was glad Rainbow was always there for her and was always a good friend to her, even when she was being lazy or impatient with Fluttershy's timidness. Fluttershy was always glad to be called by Rainbow to one of her practice sessions and even more glad to be her personal cheerleader. She loved making others feel good about themselves.

She spent so much time with Rarity because they had grown into such good friends in such a short time. Soon after moving into her cottage with her baby bunny Angel, Fluttershy received a surprise visit from the resident fashionista at her front door. After gushing over Fluttershy's beauty, and introducing herself of course, Rarity had dragged the overly-shy Pegasus to her boutique and had her model several dresses for her. Afterwards she treated Fluttershy to the first of what would become ever so many visits to the Ponyville Spa for their soon to be usual treatment. During these spa visits they had simply so much time to discuss life and all the details and drama and generally everything ever, and now knew so much about each other they could be almost inseparable sometimes. And even after the Photo Finish incident, Fluttershy had modeled multiple dresses in the making so Rarity could finish them, as long as Rarity had assured no one would be watching.

She hung out with Applejack because she admired her toughness and her attitude. She was also a very patient pony with a heart of gold. When Fluttershy had just happened to walk through the orchard for the first time and seen Applejack bucking those trees as hard as she physically could, she had turned around and flown right up the one behind her to escape the frightening pony. After a bit of explaining and some introductions, Applejack had shown Fluttershy around the farm, introduced her to Big Macintosh, Apple Bloom, and Granny Smith and invited her to visit anytime, and even welcomed her as an honorary Apple family member...whenever she wanted to be, that is. Fluttershy had gladly returned the gesture and was glad to be so welcome. AJ was always so patient toward her, never once berating her for her...scaredy-pony like tendencies. Though she was sometimes quick to point them out. Element of Honesty and all that. Fluttershy still appreciated AJ carrying her up the mountain when they had to expel the dragon. She never would have been able to go up alone.

Pinkie Pie? Well, Pinkie Pie was different. Fluttershy had first met her when Rainbow Dash had introduced her while they were trying to buy some snacks for one of Dash's practice sessions. Of course, having met a new pony, Pinkie's first reaction was to do what she did best. Throw a party. A huge party. And invite everypony she knew. Needless to say Fluttershy wasn't too happy with her at the time, and would have rather not gone, but ended up having herself some fun at the party and making a connection with the bouncy pink mare nonetheless. Now that Pinkie Pie knew her better and knew she liked smaller groups so her parties normally consisted of just their group and nopony else, she liked them a lot more. Fluttershy was also grateful for Pinkie's way of handling the situation with Gilda and also appreciated Pinkie's tendency to avoid pranking Fluttershy at all, making sure Rainbow Dash was informed of this as well.

Fluttershy opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling, keeping a constant rhythm as she stroked the small white rabbit. for her. The final member of her small circle of friends...


Twilight Sparkle.

The newest pony Fluttershy allowed to get close to her. That lavender mare with the midnight blue mane with the most adorable pink stripe through it. Personal student of Princess Celestia herself and probably one of Princess Luna's closest friends, considering many of the others she knew were still somewhat afraid of her, even if it was only slightly. The adorkable little bookworm who owned an especially cute pair of glasses that looked especially nice when she had in hair up in a cute librarian bun. The only mare she knew that felt as uncomfortable as she did in most especially social interactions. The only mare she knew and trusted who at first she could not even speak directly to. The only only pony Fluttershy had ever met that had her feeling this way...Fluttershy thought about Twilight all the time, and every time she saw her...her stomach felt weird, like a million butterflies were floating around inside of her, she became lightheaded, her heart began racing...

Fluttershy's eyes snapped open and she abruptly stopped petting Angel. Sensing a disturbance, he looked up at her with curious and questioning eyes, concerned for the well-being of his caretaker.

She sighed heavily, got up from her couch, and walked slowly to her window, her hooves moving soundlessly across the floor. "I don't know's just that recently...I've been thinking about someone in a way that...that I don't quite understand. She's one of my closest friends and...And I don't want to tell her how I think I feel because...I don't want to ruin our friendship..." She closed her eyes and hung her head sadly, letting the rays of Luna's moon shine down on her.

Angel hopped onto the ledge of her window and sympathetically patted her head before jumping onto the back of her neck and nuzzling her.

She smiled back at him as he became tangled in her long, pink hair. "Thank you, Angel. I think I needed that more than anything else right now..." She looked back at the moon, then towards Ponyville, or more specifically, the exact direction she knew Twilight's hollowed-out tree/library house was in. "...Well...maybe not 'anything'."

After a few more minutes of stargazing, she put Angel Bunny to bed and walked slowly up the stairs, headed to her own bedroom to turn in for the night. She knew there was very little chance for sleep tonight. Whenever she thought about Twilight to close to bedtime, she would simply lay awake and imagine little scenarios in which she and Twilight ended up together, some more dramatic than others, some very simple and lovey-dovey, and all eventually leaving the same goofiest little grin on Fluttershy's face.

As she lay in her bed, staring out her window. coming up with one of the most overdramatic Twilight-based scenarios her mind could possibly come up with, she noticed a blur appear across the sky. A smudge on the canvas that was Luna's beautiful painting of the night.

A shooting star.

Fluttershy thought for a moment, then closed her eyes, gave a small smile, and did something she hadn't done since she was a filly.

She wished on a shooting star.

She wished her true love would find her.

She wished for Twilight.

She wished the beautiful mare of her dreams would realize her love for Fluttershy and would come to sweep her off her feet. She wished they could one day have something together. Something special. No, what they had was special...something even more special than that.

She opened her eyes and realized the star had passed. How long she had been laying there wishing, she did not know. What she did know was that when she raised a hoof to her face, she found it to be surprisingly wet. Soetime during her wish, she had begun crying. She would never know when she started, or when she had stopped. She didn't care. All she cared about was Twilight.

She knew the star wouldn't help her get Twilight. She knew that she would have to tell Twilight herself and win her heart. How exactly did she plan on doing that? Well, that was her issue, right there. She knew what she felt, but had no idea how to express it. Only how to hide it. And with this last thought and one last tear, she passed into a dreamless sleep that racked her body back and forth, the stress on her mind finally affecting her entire unconscious body.


Meanwhile, near the other side of Ponyville, a purple Unicorn mare wiped another of many tears that had fallen from her eyes that night as she watched the final lights fade from the glory of the phenomenon she had just witnessed.

"...Heh...Wishing on a star, are we, Twilight? What's this going to accomplish?" The Unicorn simply stood there still facing the night sky, unable to answer her own question. "...Nothing..."

Defeated, she headed back through her balcony doors, but not before stealing one more glance toward the edge of the Everfree Forest and sighing. As she entered the library she magicked the doors closed and floated a few stray books from the floor back to their rightful places on the shelves, shaking her head and smiling as she did so.

"Oh, Spike..." and with this she headed into her bedroom, pecked her number one assistant on the forehead, whispered a hushed 'Good Night' and lay down herself, ready for yet another night doing nothing but dreaming about the same pony she had every night for some time now, and gave herself in to a deep slumber.
First chapter of first ship-fic I wrote with Twilight and Fluttershy.
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